Februari 2020 DIWUG meetup


Het eerste DIWUG event van 2020! Met dank aan sponsor Cavero.

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[dotNed] Managed Identities in Azure


Het onderwerp deze avond is: Managed Identities in Azure
A common challenge when building cloud applications is how to manage the credentials which your app uses to authencaticate against other cloud service for ex: Database, KeyVaults, Storage Accounts,OtherApis.
The managed identities for Azure resources feature in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) solves this problem. In this session, we will learn about concept of Managed Identity its usage and a Demo on how to use it.

De spreker is Rupesh Kumar.

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Serverless from the trenches of the web


Outside of micro-services, far away from event triggers and message queues, a growing contingent of web developers are on a mission: to make the web serverless.<br><br>But I'm a skeptic. I wasn't even sure what "Serverless" actually means or whether or not any of this is even a good idea. But I also know that once the web adopts something, the rest is history. So I did what developers do when they want answers. I built something.<br><br>Join me as we dive into an application that I’ve been building over the past few months to test out this hypothesis: is serverless really a good idea for web applications? These are the hard lessons I learned from the trenches building a Serverless Web Application.<br><br><a href="Meer informatie://bit.ly/37r07LC</a><br><p></p>

Cosmos DB” & “Blazor-PWA’s


Op woensdag 16 april is het weer zover en organiseert Blaak Selectie in samenwerking met Betabit onze twaalfde kennissessie. Deze keer hebben we twee sprekers met ieder hun eigen onderwerp. Oscar van Tol zal een presentatie geven over “Cosmos DB” en Bart Kemps zal het hebben over “Blazor-PWA’s”.

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