Using and developing Roslyn Analyzers - Getting started with Azure Cognitive Services


Using and developing Roslyn Analyzers by Fons Sonnemans

A few years ago Microsoft open sourced the C# and Visual Basic compilers and exposed their functionality through APIs as the Roslyn project. The Roslyn analyzer API empowers the developer community to be more productive by lighting up their own features in the editor in real-time—meaning anyone can write a refactoring, code fix, code style rule, or code diagnostic. Come learn more about the Roslyn project, what these live analyzers mean for you and your productivity, and how to use our APIs so you can build your own analyzers for Visual Studio. And if you don’t want to build them yourself you will at least learn how to utilize existing ones in your projects.

Getting started with Azure Cognitive Services by Rick van den Bosch

Wouldn't it be cool if we could have our applications see, hear, speak, understand and interpret the needs of our users? We'll do just that in this session "Getting started with Azure Cognitive Services".

Azure Cognitive Services are APIs, SDKs, and services available to help us build intelligent applications with little to no AI or data science knowledge. They enable adding cognitive features into our applications. The goal of this session is to help you create applications that can see, hear, speak, understand, and even begin to reason. We'll take a look at the five main pillars: Vision, Speech, Language, Web Search and Decision.

Next to the awesome things we can do with Cognitive Services, security of course is also very important to take into account. So for those of you concerned about confidential data going into those services, there's going to be an extra special example at the end of the session... 🤓

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dotNed Saturday 2020


Inmiddels een begrip en ook nu al zijn we als grootste Nederlandse .NET gebruikersgroep dotNed druk bezig met de organisatie van de dotNed Saturday in 2020. Deze dag richt zich op ontwikkelaars op het Microsoft platform in de meeste brede zin van het woord.

We hebben een breed scala aan onderwerpen en je kunt rekenen op 15 sessies van topsprekers. Zo komen onder meer aan bod:
- Microservices
- Mobile app development
- DevOps
- ASP.NET Core en .NET Core
- Azure
- Blazor
- Containers
en nog veel meer!

Houd de website in de gaten voor updates over sessies en sprekers! Schrijf je nu vast gratis in.

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