4Dotnet Conf 2021


Are you eager to gain new knowledge in 2021? On January 22nd, our speakers will deliver sessions and take-aways you can use in real-life software solutions. Join us during this virtual event and level up! Register now: Meer informatie

Supermodels, who doesn't want to work with them?


Sioux Supermodels is a workbench written in C# using the power of WPF. There is a strong focus on visual 'languages'. Many are available: decomposition, state machines, fluid and motion systems and many more. Adding languages is easy, so adding a language for your domain can help you bridge the gap between software engineers and domain experts. Generators produce all kinds of artifacts to your specific needs. Generic C#, Cpp and Structured Text are examples. Generators are also written in C#, but you are free to use any templating engine that can work with C# like T4 or Razor. This presentation will demonstrate how multi-disciplinary projects benefit from common visual languages and dives in on how to create your own languages, generators and models.

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[dotNed] Advanced dapr


Dapr is an open source, event-driven, portable runtime for building microservices. It provides powerful building blocks to make it easy for developers to build resilient microservice applications using a variety of languages and frameworks.

In this session we'll go beyond the basics and talk about advanced topics such as rate limiting, access control, and integration with frameworks such as Azure Functions and Logic Apps. We assume that attendees already have a basic understanding of what Dapr is.

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