Serverless from the trenches of the web


Outside of micro-services, far away from event triggers and message queues, a growing contingent of web developers are on a mission: to make the web serverless.

But I'm a skeptic. I wasn't even sure what "Serverless" actually means or whether or not any of this is even a good idea. But I also know that once the web adopts something, the rest is history. So I did what developers do when they want answers. I built something.

Join me as we dive into an application that I’ve been building over the past few months to test out this hypothesis: is serverless really a good idea for web applications? These are the hard lessons I learned from the trenches building a Serverless Web Application.

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Future Tech 2020


Future Tech 2020 is the technology conference for developers, architects and experts to discuss and dive deep into .NET technologies such as .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Azure and more.
Our visitors will encounter tested and new possibilities of improving and speeding up development, implementation and management on a big scale for applications.

The main goal of Future Tech is to share all available knowledge, ideas and know-how concerning the newest (Microsoft) technologies and innovations with a focus on DevOps, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Mixed Reality (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality), Future Teams & Security.

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[dotNed] FullStack development van een .net core WebApp, met ICT


Een van de nadelen van een FullStack developer zijn, is dat je, tja, Full Stack moet kunnen werken. Met andere woorden: er wordt enorm veel van je verwacht op het gebied van technologie. Er zijn enorm veel zaken die je moet kunnen en begrijpen, dat het soms wel eens lastig is om door de bomen het bos te zien.

DotNed helpt je daarmee, samen met ICT en onze spreker Frank de Pijper!

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