Save your relation with a Graph


As a NoSQL database technology, the Graph database is still relatively unknown. But it has a lot of great applications. Graph databases are not new, but only recently Microsoft supports Graph databases by means of Azure Cosmos DB.

A Graph database is better than SQL in handling complex relations between entities. One could say that a Graph database is more relational than a relational database. As a result, some type of problems are easier to solve using a Graph database; faster and with less frustration.

What to expect during the evening: after a short introduction into Graph theory and into Graph databases, we will define some typical use cases for Graph databases. When does a Graph database beat the competition of SQL and other NoSQL solutions?

For the main part of the evening the focus will be on practical modelling, implementation and use of Graph databases in .NET. We will show query and code examples for two flavours: Cosmos DB with Gremlin and Neo4j with Cypher.

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Microservices for .NET developers


Aan de slag met microservices? Deze moderne architectuurstijl vereist anders ontwerpen en bouwen van je applicaties en services in je landschap. In deze interactieve sessie mag jij de vragen stellen die je bezig houden over microservices op het Microsoft platform met Azure en .NET. Op basis van jouw vragen behandelen we de ideeen, concepten, designs, methodieken, tools en frameworks voor het realiseren van microservices en moderne cloud architecturen. Op deze avond zie je weinig PowerPoint, maar juist veel whiteboard en levendige discussie. Neem je vragen en inzichten mee op 10 juli bij .NET Oost.

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